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Bless Wales : Bless England


Prayer walk the river Teme

This is a key river which crosses the border flowing from the Welsh hills near Knighton into Shropshire. For details on possible routes and more information contact Pauline Long 01547 529631

Prayer walk the Severn Crossing

Another strategic crossing point between our nations. For more information on this, contact Dan Shepherd on 01582 589850



Have a 24/1 prayer room and be linked to one across the border

Maybe your youth group, your Church or even a group of Churches could undertake this and pray for the 2 nations. Resources are available to help you with this both from this project and from 24-7 prayer. If you’re interested in this, please REGISTER HERE.

Join the Offa’s Dyke walk

A team of adults will be prayer walking the whole of Offa’s Dyke during the fortnight. For your group to join with them for part of this,

contact Yvonne Mason on 01686 668822



Join in at the prayer room running in Craven Arms throughout the 2 weeks

Advance notice is needed for this - contact Judy Cornhill on 01588 660298


Join in at 24/7 prayer room in Abergavenny running from 24th May

Advance notice is preferred for this - contact Ange Sampson on 01873 855414



Prayer walk up Snowdon or Scafell Pike

There is something significant about the high places. Here’s a chance for young people from both nations to join together and walk the highest places in our 2 nations on Saturday 14th May. Because this activity MUST be led by qualified mountain leaders, you DO need to book in for this. For more details and to book in contact: Mark Instone for Scafell Pike on 07931 828192

Jon Price for Snowdon on 07870 367118

Join a youth/children’s hour in one of the 28 prayer rooms down the border

There are specially organised creative prayer sessions for children (primary) and young people (secondary) in every prayer room during the fortnight. See here for full details of these.  No need to book in, just come.




Prayer walk across the border between 2 prayer rooms

Why not link up with other groups and walk from a prayer room in one country to a prayer room in the other. In the process, you can pray blessing on both communities and both nations. No need to register for this but, if you would like to visit one or both of the prayer rooms,

please contact Yvonne Mason on 01686 668822

Prayer walk a high place near you

If the 2 mountains are just too far or too high for your group, why not take a group up the highest point near you. So long as it’s under 2000ft, you don’t need a mountain leader for this. You could combine with other local youth groups on this. We will be generating some resources to prepare you for this and also for you to use as you walk. We note that this is more than just a walk together, there is a key spiritual element to this (see Psalm 24 for a flavour of this). It is vital, therefore, that we consider carefully who attends. If you’re interested in this, please REGISTER HERE.

Please note, a complete printable brochure in pdf format is available to download from here

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